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- Watch the video.

- Follow the instructions

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I can’t stress you enough about how important these exercises are for your drawing hand. You don’t wanna get CTS of Tendonitis and similar stuff that will prevent you from making art or even hold  a pencil.

Okay, this guy is my HERO. I just did these exercises as I watched the video, and already my arms and hands feel better. I have a degenerative tendon disease that prevents my muscles, tendons and ligaments from retaining their elasticity, and so anything that maintains the health of my bendy parts is important.

I URGE YOU. Even if you don’t draw, do these several times a day. Even just sitting at a computer can do serious damage. My dad, who was a rugby player, a carpenter, and now a handyman, suffered from severe carpal tunnel syndrome, simply as a result of sitting at the computer at the end of the day to play a little solitaire. Don’t let it happen to you!

((Guys, I will reblog this like, 5 times a day just so you all will see this. This is REALLY helpful, and it’s quick and easy.))

Wow, these are REALLY helpful. And yes, this is not just good but IMPORTANT for more than artists — if you type a lot, play a lot of video games, do anything that requires lots of repetitive movements of your hands, wrists, and arms (gardening, sewing, factory work), these can help. Even if you don’t yet get pain these are a great preventative measure, because the damage builds up over time. Youth is no protection.

And like he says, you should feel a stretch, but don’t push it too far!

Signal boosting.  Guys, I just did this and holy cow do I feel incredibly light and limber in my arms.  Again, even if you don’t have any sort of disease, do this as a preventative measure.


I noticed you have some of these effects and these screentone textures. Where'd you get them at? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I don't know a lot of that stuff.


It’s not a dumb question; effects and screentones are awesome right? I got them from algenpfleger over at deviantart.


Week 4 of the Nihongogogo Sailor Moon giveaway!
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Sailor moon drawing pictured above from Bunny Tracy: [source]


Rentaneko (2012)

A poetic and wistful depiction of loneliness. 


this is from an actual 40 minute OVA and it’s possibly the most mind blowing thing i have ever witnessed 


During my ongoing search to find the most awful movies ever made, I stumbled and fell head first into these 9 films and it was true love at first watch. Unlike regular awful movies you follow for 5 minutes before turning off and feel like throwing out a window, these all descend into comedic genius for the entirely wrong reasons and are the epitome of the phrase “so bad it’s good”. I’ve included links and torrents because you all need to watch and experience these.

  1. The Room [watch here] [torrent/download here]
    One of the most famous unintentional comedies, The Room stars it’s writer/producer/director Tommy Wiseau opposite a woman playing his fiance (“future wife”) and is porn acting without the porn. The title holds true as there is only approximately 5 sets of different rooms in the whole film, including some lovely stock footage of the Golden Gate Bridge which is used numerous times. Every scene opens and ends with people entering rooms and introducing themselves, then having to go without explanation and the entire film seems like an alien’s portrayal of how they assume humans interact with each other. It somehow managed to cost $6 million to make and it was worth every penny.
  2. Troll 2 [watch here] [torrent/download here]
    The famous line “they’re eating her, and then they’re going to eat me, oh my gaaaaawd” (x) is not the only part of this film worth attention, as everything else is equally awful to the point of hilarity. It’s the answer to that age old question, “What would happen if a horror movie sequel was written by a man who can’t write, starred people who can’t act, got directed by a man who can’t direct, and given mainstream funding and attention?” and thus this film was made. Terrible acting from everyone complimented by the equally terrible cinematography and special effects make this movie perfect.
  3. Manos: The Hands of Fate [watch here/watch here]
    One of Quentin Tarantino’s favourite films and it’s not hard to see why, this is the definition of a terribly brilliant movie. The entire film was shot with a hand-held camera that could only record 32 seconds of film at a time and without sound so all the lines were dubbed later by two men and one woman… let that give insight on how horrendous this film is. Originally intended to be a scary horror movie, this quickly and unintentionally slips into one of the best satires of the genre and becomes a great comedic parody, amplified only by it’s authentic vintage quality.
  4. Going Overboard [watch here]
    One of my favourite things to do is watch old Adam Sandler comedies from the 90s that I used to love as a child only to question how did I ever find this shit funny? This however isn’t one of those films; this is just bad… really, really, really bad. I can’t even describe how bad this film is, you have to just watch it. The movie revolves around the life of a young man played by Sandler, whose character’s name is Schecky Moskowitz (ho-ho-ho, Jewish name humor at it’s finest!) and he works a boring job on a cruise ship hoping to become a great comedian in cruise ship comedy… that is literally it. It’s terrifically awful and a must-see comedy that is funny for all the wrong reasons.
  5. Plan 9 from Outer Space [watch here] [torrent/download here]
    Directed by the king of terrible films, Ed Wood. A man known for his poor production value and awful set design and special effects, this film exemplifies it all so very well. Aliens, Zombies, and Vampires are all present in this Horror Sci-Fi and the humerus aspect of the film is made clear the moment it starts and you realize “what the fuck is this?”. Shotty props and even worse directing, a Zombie knocks over a cardboard grave and it’s just left in the final release. With dialogue so dumb it almost seems ad-libbed by drunk relatives at a family gathering trying to be funny and failing, this film is absolutely horribly fantastic.
  6. Sharktopus [watch here] [torrent/download here]
    I don’t even know what to say about this; an experiment gone wrong creates a half octopus/shark hybrid which goes around killing people while it’s scientist creator tries to find a way to hunt and kill it. I have no idea how this squeaked by the Oscars without even a nomination.
  7. Battlefield Earth [watch here] [torrent/download here]
    Just coming down from the success  of Pulp Fiction and what does John Travolta decide to do? If you guessed star in one of the worst sci-fi films ever made then baby you are right! An alien race enslaves the humans and they have had enough and start to fight back. A mediocre storyline and plot made infinitely better but shoddy set design, special effects, and terrible acting. Truly horrendous, a definite must-see. 
  8. Titanic: The Legend Goes On [watch here]
    Absolutely no one dies, because who even has time to honour of all the real people that died in the Titanic when you could use the disaster to mention the whale hunting problems in the world? This film is just so perfect and the only animation to make the cut. A Disney rip off, complete with talking animals and everything, this film is narrated by a mouse, but seen through the eyes of two young lovers with their pet dogs and mice that talk to them and discuss the whaling contracts between the evil men aboard the ship. Also included are evil talking sharks with biceps and a giant octopus with the head and voice of a young child…. please watch this film.
  9. Birdemic [watch here] [torrent/download here]
    So painfully done it almost seems like a joke, intended to be a romantic horror, it turns out to be one of the greatest comedy films ever. A bunch of eagles and vultures wreak havoc in a town and and start killing people, two people fight back all the while battling their sexual attraction for each other and survive the bird epidemic.
"overlay is da bomb!" tutorial


ever wondered how to put pattern effects on stuff? this is how i do them. :P (using paint tool SAI)



*other colors will change the color of your shape. tip: brownish patterns will give your shape an antique/vintage/old effect. orz i fail at explaining haha







lol i love the overlay effect! :D i hope this helped! :3 


Look over on “Integrated Monitoring System”. Or just read this:

"The QQ application, owned by the firm Tencent, allows the authorities to monitor in detail exchanges between Internet users by seeking certain keywords and expressions. The author of each message can be identified by his or her user number. The QQ application is effectively a giant Trojan horse.”

In short, if you are using QQ, uninstall it from your PC.





I see a lot of people talk about Skype since it’s probably one of the biggest instant messaging systems around the world. Though, I’m surprised more people don’t talk about QQ International?? They’re super similar only QQ is 1000% better.

Seriously though. QQ International is wonderful and it should become more known.

It’s really cute, simple, easy to use. And like Toasty says it’s a lot like MSN, it basically has all the cool stuff everyone loved about MSN.




It has cute emotes!





Plus the typical stuff, sending voice recordings, webcam, group chats, oh it has a built in translator too

There’s also a cellphone app to use it on the go.

10/10 do check it out!


totally doing this


requested by a-thousand-crows i hope this is helpful 


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OOC: Just a quick question from an artist how to you make the lines around...lets say the light blue lines around you Kill La Kill 'gonna protect girlfriend' picture?


use the select tool,then select the ‘fuzzy’ transparency to the max. 


then click on what you desire to outline. 


then make a new layer down that one, select the bucket and fill in the selected space. 


when you unselect you’ll have this 


see? it has the blue outline, that’s how i do it. uvu